Parent reviews for Rose Under Fire: Code Name Verity, Book 2

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age 14+

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Common Sense Should Update Two Categories

How is this rated no language or sexual content? Language includes s**t and f*** and b**ch. Sexual content includes slang and other references to rape/assault on pages 189 and 190. Again on page 330. Most of the cursing is near those sections as well. That being said, I think this is a good book. I learned a lot about concentration camps. I’ve read other historical fiction about them, but this went into more details and things I didn’t know or remember. I also loved the analogy between life and the four forces involved in flight. I would recommend this book to adults or high school students who are ready for heavy content (I really felt the weight and long term affects of the atrocities in this book)
age 17+

Deceived parent

My child was required to read this book in 6th grade. I feel it is inappropriate for school reading material. The language of this book is inappropriate for school teaching. Our schools do not allow swearing in the classroom so why should it be allowed in their reading material. It also discusses sexual content and I feel that is also inappropriate to be reading about in school.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 15+

Inappropriate Content for under 15

There is vulgar language in the book. Many profane words are used by secondary characters. There is even mention of rape by a secondary character. No one seems to mention any of this when I researched this book for my class. The students do enjoy the book, but I wasn't prepared for this.

This title has:

Too much swearing