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age 13+

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age 13+

Awesome! Great For Fans Of All Genres! 13+

I really liked Ruined. I have never been a big fan of the fantasy genre, but this book was excellent and excelled higher than my expectations. I was wary of this book from the beginning because of the cover art (it had a warrior looking out into the distance, weilding a sword), it looked like one of the basic fantasy books with too many characters and too many places to remember. It was a little predictable, but exciting and thought provoking. It was interesting to watch the main character Emalina Flores, who was disguised as Princess Mary of Vallos, overcome grief and vengeance after her mother’s death and sister’s kidnaping. It has good messages about not judging a book by it’s cover (no pun intended), and getting to know people before you label them. Em always had good intentions, but she was fuelled by anger and a need for revenge in the beginning of the book. At the end she realizes that being logical, smart, and ethical was more important than seeking violence and being angry. Though it has great messages, there is lot's of violence and mild sex. There is talk of stabbing people and Em constantly looks for ways to escape situations (like seeing the curtain ties as a way to strangle the prince). There is some kissing and Prince Casmir and "Princess Mary" AKA Em are expected to have sex on their wedding night. Cas and Em sleep in the same bed fully clothed and kiss and caress each other a lot. There is little to no swearing... maybe a few uses of the Hell and D*mn. Characters drink wine, despite being underage. I think it's fine for mature 12 year olds if they don't mind a little violence. All in all a great book for teens and fantasy fans. Those who like other genres like myself will also find something to love in this groundbreaking book by Amy Tintera. :)

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much sex
age 12+

A really good book

It's a book set in a fictional world about royalty. A girl kills a princess in cold blood and marries a prince as her. Her objective is to kill the people in palace as they were responsible for hunting down her people. She later falls in love with prince and realises that not all of the royals in the palace are that bad. There's some violence, the way a person dies after being stabbed is sort of described. Some kissing, and talks about how the couple didn't spend the night in the same bed after their marriage. The story line is awesome and the way the series ends is wonderful.

This title has:

Great role models