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Saint Louis Armstrong Beach

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Lazy Writing, Lacking Interesting Content

There isn't any good conflict, any time Saint gets into trouble somebody comes to bail him out. The only thing he does for himself the entire book is help a couple old people, a noble task however that is all. SPOILERS PAST THIS PART At the end of the book his parents save him. The rescue copter saves Miz Moran. Saint is given many chances to leave New Orleans or stay somewhere safe but he keeps running off to look for his dog. Saint's mentor buys him a 1200 dollar clarinet. Many Chekovs' guns go unfired, including MonaLisa knowing about the money cache and the money itself. The writing isn't compelling, and there is rarely conflict. Don't bother reading this.
age 14+


I don't know about this
age 9+

It was Okay

It was a pretty good book, but afterwards, I got nightmares that I was in the same situation, but we didn't make it out safely. I liked it because of how suspenseful it was, even though it ends in an annoying cliffhanger

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