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Scars Like Wings

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age 12+


This book is the best! It's really inspiring. And underrated. This is literally one of the best books I've ever read. This book is appropriate for ages 12 and older, due to some swearing and mild sexual references. But it's really not that much, and trust me, your 12 year old has already learnt about this stuff. Must-read.
age 12+

"Wore her scars like wings . . . "

Wow. I read this in six hours, it is SO GOOD. Huge plot twist with Asad, I don't think many expected that. It's incredible, because Piper pushes Ava out of her comfort zone and makes her happier. It deals with complicated subjects like suicide. All around great book.
age 12+


This book is very inspiring. It teaches its readers to never give up even if things get hard. Its very good, and its very well written. Piper one of the characters, shows you that sometimes you need to go outside your comfort zone, which is a lesson most people need to learn. Especially if you hate change. Overall I would suggest this book to all young readers, especially those with low self-esteem because this book shows you that it doesn't matter what you like on the outside.

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