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Kid, 11 years old August 13, 2014

One of my favorites

The fighting was kind of overdone, but I personally think that it adds flavor to the story. It is a good read and I really enjoyed it. The story was very nice. I look forward to reading the third book!
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Teen, 15 years old Written bygilly_boy September 1, 2012

Characters are forgetful.

Half-way through the book and I'm tired of it. You can go ahead and hate me but the truth is, it's boring. With Fable haven and the candy shop war, it kept me turning the pages; with this, I just want to be done so I can go on with my life. The world is interesting, but the characters seem... forgettable. Jason seems like the Jason from Heroes of Olympus; no I'm serious, they're always doing the right thing instead of the selfish. I know that doesn't sound like how a hero should but it only makes it more human. I mean once in a while we do tend to give in to our desires. And Rachel, she may be able to do magic (although I find that interesting), but she also bores me. I just see someone that is perfect in every way, which also makes it feel fake. The characters that I find interesting the most would be Ferrin, he was the spy villain that doesn't really understand human physiologic mind that much. You help someone because they are your friend, that part he doesn't fully understand (even though he did it but that's because Jason and Rachel have grown on him). I don't know, I just find him a little more interesting than that other two. Actually, I like the supporting characters more interesting then the main. Only because they seem to have more depth to them (a better background). Maybe it's because they have more of a reason to fight Meldar then the kids. For the main, they didn't ask for this; it's more like dropping the bombshell on them and they find themselves sucked into a fight. Heck, they could leave whenever they want. They didn't have to be involved at all. Again, I don't really see any reason for Jason and Rachel to fight, other then to help their friends get rid of a pest. Wow I'm becoming a critic. And this the longest review I've made. I'm serious though, there is hardly anything I find all that interesting.
Teen, 15 years old Written byAWESOMESAUZZ May 17, 2015


Alright so I know I'm old to be reading stuff like this but in truth I've always loved the action in children's books and teen books are a little to sexual for me. I really enjoyed this book, though I can see how it can be difficult for youngsters to read but if that have the wits and ambition I think they could do it.
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