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Snow, Glass, Apples

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Different Perspective

Not a horrible book for children overall, and if your child is exceptionally mature before the age of 14 I think that it would be perfectly fine for them to read this as well. It does not lie however when it mentions this book has several scenes of nudity and sex. Most of them do not show complete nudity however one scene shows the fully uncovered upper body of a woman. This book also is big on themes that some younger readers might not even pick up on which is another reason why I feel this is meant for older audiences. On the violence side it wasn’t too shocking for me, though I’ve personally never been afraid of gore. The main thing parents need to think about with this book though is the sexual and bodily content. Like I said earlier, great book overall, it packs a huge punch in the span of a few pages.

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Too much sex
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age 16+

Beautiful illustrations, creepy story, not for kids!

It's a creepy retelling of "Snow White" by Neil Gaiman, beautifully illustrated by Colleen Doran. It also includes graphic violence, explicit sex, and is generally not for children.