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Parent reviews for Son: The Giver, Book 4

Common Sense says

Classic battle pulls quest quartet to exciting conclusion.
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Parents say

age 13+
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Kids say

age 11+
Based on 10 reviews
Adult Written by[email protected] October 6, 2012

Satisfying but not terrific

Yeah, a fourth book in The Giver series. Kids and adults are sure to love this additional book, reuniting Gabriel, Jonah and Kira, and meeting Gabriel's birthmother, Claire. In the first part of three in the book, we're back at the time The Giver was told, only now through the eyes of Claire. Part 2, "Between," we read of Claire after leaving the Community in search of Gabriel. In Part 3, all are united in the conclusion. Although it's not the story I was hoping for, I know many will be satisfied, certainly more so than from Gathering Blue and Messenger. I wanted more exploration of the reactions from Claire and Jonah to the awakenings in their new world, how "sameness" and a loss of choice backfires and does not bring happiness. The book does not take the angle I'd hoped, but is satisfying nonetheless.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Parent of a 3, 6, and 11 year old Written bylyG October 15, 2015

12 year old birth mother! Parents be careful what your young children are reading!

Don't let you 11 year old read this as it states this is the recommended age. My daughter brought home this book, it caught my attention when she said she was confused as to what insemination was. Needless to say she stopped reading it, turns out that the first chapter goes into, yet again another controlled society; where this 12 year old has the pleasure to be given the job as a birth mother, who births children. Not only is she 12! but did I forget to mention that they blind fold her and tie her to the bed? by the way in this particular moment when this is unfolding she is now 14 and giving birth to baby no. 2. Well No freaking thank you! I don't want my daughter reading this junk. This is not the type of sick fiction children should be reading, fiction should entice young minds to be better people, make a difference and be KIDS. Do I want my 11 year old to be thinking about being inseminated over and over again in a controlled society at the age of 12? No. What is the benefit of this? Good read, I think NOT. I refuse to go any further in the book. This book shouldn't be in elementary school where my daughter found it! Change the age recommendations of this book. Shame on you! There is no exact button for sick and disturbing so I will push all the negative ones.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byFelipe Carmona February 28, 2015


This story is the conclusion to the giver quartet. It starts about a girl name Claire. Claire was found when she was washed up on the shore. People never knew that Claire came from a community that color and emotions didn't exist. She had made her on task to do and that is to find her child. That was Claire's task to find her child because it was stolen from her body when she was fourteen. Nothing will stop Claire to find her child even if it means to sacrifice her life. A central conflict is when Claire was on the shore and had a serious bad condition which almost got in the way of her task. One of the themes that this book has is sacrifice. Sacrifice because Claire would sacrifice her life to find her child. What I think of this book is okay because i thought there would be more action like in the Messenger when Matty has a Journey through forest. I would recommend this book to other people because this shows the sacrifice that one person would do for one.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models