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Song of Solomon

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Seriously misunderstood masterpiece

It's obvious from a brief analysis of the parental reviews for this novel that many are categorically unable to reconcile a novel's graphic content with the presence of any redeeming qualities. This is a perfect example of being unable to see the forest for the trees; blinded by their inability to see beyond surface level depictions of sex and violence, they fail to recognize Song of Solomon for what it is: a deeply poignant, masterfully well written treatise on the consequences of broken race relations on interpersonal relationships within the black community. In writing off the works of one of our most celebrated authors as mere "pornography," parents who advocate for the removal of this novel from the high school curriculum are, unknowingly, advocating for the exact sort of censorship of crucial human experiences that the novel rails against. I urge any parent concerned about the content of the novel (no doubt out of noble intentions) to: a) actually read the book and b) look into literary analysis to better understand exactly what makes it such a renowned work of art.

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This is a great book.

This book is wonderful. Although it may be filled with sex, incest, drugs, and violence, it is filled with amazing literary qualities. I honestly don't understand why people are so outraged by this book; if you are not mature enough to look past the inappropriate qualities of this novel then don't read it. It's that simple.
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Cures Vanity

I think you are ridiculous if you are going to homeschool your child due to this book. Have you lived in the real world? Please, let's not be naieve. I think we can all agree that the themes in Morrison's book are shown in our day to day lives as Americans. Racisim, divorce, murder, feeling dead inside; all experienced, everyday. Morrison's novel is truly a work of beauty. In every symbolic word she writes, I am even more mesmerized how someone can create this. I perfect scene of symbolisim used at it's finest is when Milkman and Guitar are talking about the "white" peacock that cannot fly. Milkman says to Guitar, "Too much tail. All that jewlery weighs it down. Like vanity. Can't nobody fly with all that sh**. Wanna fly, you got to give up that sh** that weighs you down." I hope that makes a little easier to decide whether or not your kids should read this genuine novel. Would you like for your children to be vain? Would you like for them to be judgemental? Or dead inside? I'm sure your answers no. And I can say, that although I'm still only in high school, this book throughly changed my way of thinking.

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