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Stella and the Night Sprites Series

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age 6+

A great book for young kids without drama or "junk"

My daughter is 7 and we stay away from entertainment that has characters who are overly dramatic, have young "crushes" or romance, violence or rude language. She'll be around enough of that in time and I don't feel like she needs to be introduced to it unnecessarily. That being said, I was looking for a new series and found this at our library. We read it together quickly and she was completely silent while I was reading which is uncommon - usually she's asking questions or making comments about the story. She was listening to every word. I was so bummed to see that there are only two books and hope there are more to the series in the future. The story is easy to read and the print isn't fancy or too small, she could read it herself but enjoys doing it together. There are black and white pictures on each page, they compliment the story nicely. There's not much to learn educationally but it's a fun story without meanness or drama. Stella, the main character, isn't made to look fancy or older than her age and I appreciate that she's nervous about getting glasses but it's not made to be something negative.

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