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Parent of a 10 and 12 year old Written bybrendarose8 September 13, 2013

An entertaining premise is ruined by violence and sexual content.

This book was acceptable, but the rest of the series grows dark and edgy fast. Alex struggles with anger and depression. Images and experiences become increasingly violent. Eagle Strike, the 4th book, is violent. Additionally, it references pornography and prostitution in the red-light district of Amsterdam. A prostitute winks at Alex as he rushes past. I guess your child could read the first 2, maybe 3... but why start when you can't finish?
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Parent of a 2, 5, 9, and 11 year old Written bykookykids January 30, 2011

I think you should read it ages 10 - 14

I think it's a great book, but the violence is pretty extreme! I would love it even more if less people we shot and the violence was put to a limit. After all i'm only 11 but LOVE to read! I think the book is great, but parents might need to read it first for less advanced readers.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Parent of a 13 year old Written byohya August 17, 2010
its just a book,come on
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written byHBTbird April 9, 2008

A books for boys!

I am a junior high librarian and am always trying to find books that will appeal to reluctant reader boys. I am happy to find a series that they will not only read but will recommend to their friends. Alex is a likable, wholesome character, who doesn't really want to be a spy and take over where his uncle left off. Yet he meets the challenge with determination and integrity. Violence, yes. But I'd put in a category with comic book action. And since the movie came out, girls will read it, too!
Adult Written byMaggie1018 November 12, 2014

A Great Thriller

This book is full of twists and turns and will have you hooked in the first few pages. The plot is filled with action, adventure, and deceit. It is about Alex Rider, a young fourteen year old boy, is dragged into the dark world of spies and espionage when his uncle, who happened to be a MI6 agent, is murdered. The plot is very mysterious, leaving cryptic clues everywhere. You will try to guess what happens next, but usually you will be wrong because the plot is very intelligent and unpredictable. It is filled with lots of suspense. The book does contain some violent scenes like Alex shooting a few people, a woman who is shocked to death by a giant jellyfish, and Alex crashing a plane. The scenes do not contain very graphic descriptions, though. Alex is very similar to James Bond, like the teenage version of him. He is always has witty comebacks, ninja fighting skills, lots of endurance, and a good heart. Although it is such a great thriller book, it contains some bad points too. For example, it drops a lot of labels throughout the book. Since this book is for children and teens, I don't like how it says that Alex wears Nike and Gap clothing, ect. It is a bit annoying. Also, the characters are not very developed. They only really have one trait and everything they do revolves around the trait. Alex is also not very human. He knows many different languages, has a black belt in Karate, completed MI6 training (which usually takes six months according to the book) in seven days, has superhuman strength and speed, and is incredibly intelligent. This makes him pretty much flawless, and I think that makes some parts of the book confusing and it is slightly annoying. Overall, this would be a fun and exciting book for younger readers, but it would not appeal as much to more mature readers.
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Great to Read together with your kids

I loved this book and also the series. We had it on CD and listen to it on a long road trip. It is an interesting and exciting yarn for both parent and kids. While there is some violence, it is tame compared to anything that is seen on cartoon network. Both my boys have read the entire series from cover to cover. The page turning narrative is wonderful in so far as it promotes the idea of reading for pleasure. That's hard to do if you have to compete with an xbox.
Adult Written bysasuk12124 March 2, 2009

i love the book

I'm right now reading scorpia
Adult Written byGrainne April 9, 2008

Exciting, but violent

These books would be exciting for teens, but be forewarned the violence is pretty extreme. Hardly any of the adults are trustworthy.
Adult Written byjohnnydogmatic April 9, 2008

Cool stuff for teens

My daughter and I are Brits now living in - and loving! - the US. These books are written by Anthony Horowitz, a prolific and very talented serious drama writer for British TV. However he makes time to write the Alex Rider series I don't know, but they are all good, the review says...a little farfetched. There is violence but in a definite good versus evil way - hugely enjoyable and imaginative.
Adult Written byjbjb April 9, 2008


I read this book and i lowved it with a passion. i recomend it to anyone and everyone!
Adult Written bybethanyr October 13, 2014


This book is an amazing because his parents die and his uncle dies and he has no where to live and you should definitely read it but I think you should he over 11 or 11 because it has some things younger people don't understand, so, yes you should buy this book and then you will find out about where he lived.
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Great messages
Too much violence
Parent Written byteamdietrich January 10, 2015

Reluctant Readers Rejoice

It is hard to find books for boys. Especially at this age. Being a series makes it even better. It is a kid's james bond
Adult Written byRavenP March 16, 2010

Great Book for Older Teens

Great plot and extremely interesting to read. But it is somewhat violent (not really excessive, considering the genre and plot). Not for preteens and probably not young teens, either.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written byTheoDoyp March 5, 2016

Stormbreaker review

I really enjoyed this book, it had a likable protagonist and great action sequences. I own all the books and have started reading the second and so far so good! Parents need to know it does include lots James - Bond -style violence but isn't described graphically.
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Too much violence