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Parent reviews for Stranger With My Face

Common Sense says

OK read. Teens may love the supernatural elements.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 13+
Based on 1 review

Kids say

age 13+
Based on 14 reviews
Adult Written byhm200524 November 25, 2015

Stranger with my Face book review

Title: Stranger with My Face Author: Lois Duncan Genre: Mystery Stranger with My Face, this book is set in a beach home away from the city and deals with the main characters, Laurie and Lia. Laurie is a girl who had a long lost twin sister named Lia. Laurie and Lia were sisters and they both look the same. One day Laurie's friends told her that they saw her at a beach party but, Laurie said it was not her and that she was home sick. Laurie's friends did not believe her. In reality, it was actually her twin sister Lia. One day Laurie found a book of astroprojection. When she read the book she did astroprojecton and Lia took over Laurie's body. Lia was happy because Lia wanted revenge on Laurie because, when they were little, they were foster kids and Laurie was picked over Lia to be taken by a family. Then Laurie became a spirit and the evil sister Lia had full control of Laurie's body. If anyone wants to read it, the theme is to never get jealous because it will just make things worse. I can't relate to any characters in the story because I have never been jealous of any of my relatives. Also I have never done anything that made me feel the same way as Lia because I have never wanted revenge on any of my family members like Lia was jealous of Laurie getting adopted instead of her. I really liked the book because it was very suspenseful like what was Lia going to do next or what happened to Laurie once Lia took over her body. My favorite part of the book "Stranger with My Face" is when Laurie's friends told Laurie about them seeing her at the beach party. It made me think what is going on, but Laurie was at home, not at the beach party, so that part was very mysterious. My favorite character in the book was Lia even though she was the antagonist. The reason why she was my favorite character was because she put the suspense part in the story and made the book mysterious and suspenseful. An example is "oh what is Lia going to do next?" I don't have a least favorite part because the whole book was awesome! If I could change anything in the story I would change nothing because the book is good the way it is and if I or anyone changed it, it would have ruined the story. I would recommend this book to another person because if someone has nothing to do, he/she can read this book and will be very into it. The type of person I would recommend this book to is someone who likes mystery and suspense because throughout this book it's mostly just mystery and suspense.