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Parent Written byTPH June 9, 2014

Publisher says 7 and up... watch out

LOVE Judy Blume... but watch out for the SANTA WHO chapter... this prompted me to return the book to the library right away. Not ready for my 7 year old... and not for any others I know.
Adult Written bycuriositykeeper September 25, 2014

Great for the right age level

Judy Blume's books take on hard issues, and give students a place to read about crucial issues. The narrator of this book is a fifth grader, and this book is appropriate for fifth graders. That way the issues in the book will be the ones the reader is encountering. Readers need to know the facts of life and not believe in Santa.
Adult Written byLowe's man November 19, 2013

sorry for the inconsistency, but...

Although this is an excellent book, I gave it an off rating for kids 9 and under for one reason and one reason only- because it says that Santa Claus isn't real. Otherwise I'd give it an on rating for kids 8 and up. With that having been said, the book is hilarious, and kids will easily be able to identify with Peter and his family. Especially good is the way Peter models for Fudge, seemingly having learned this from when his parents made him be a role model for Fudge in the first book, Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing. A must-read for kids who are past the Santa Claus age.