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Terrier: Beka Cooper, Book 1

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age 11+

A well-written, captivating novel that is great for tweens!

Terrier: Beka Cooper is a well-written, captivating novel. It is the ideal book for those that enjoy crime dramas/mysteries yet aren't fond of all the "scariness and gore" that are usually included in that kind of genre (ie: this is a good book for most tweens). If I had to choose a main issue, it would be the violence; there is a fair sum of murdering, fighting, and injuries. However, nothing goes into gory detail.
age 16+

Great for older kids that can follow an in depth storyline...

Beka Cooper has been a great story. Set back in the year 200 something... the scene is very different from where we are today. I rate it 16+, due to the frequent mention of "snogging", and other mentions of relations without using the actual word. Beka even mentions she has done it once, but has no need to do it with the very handsome 20 yr old who is after her... since she herself is only 16. Other mentions of drinking... she get's drunk once... Great great story... but 16+ only!!!

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Too much violence
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Great messages
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