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Violence: A violent storm comes and kills a helpless tree. That makes Tess sad. Educational value: In this book, people can learn about how violent storms can cause horrible tragedies. People can also learn that during violent storms, plants, humans and animals get killed or get hurt. People can also learn that people can have great relationships with other species including plants. Humans are animals too. They are mammals in the primate category. When we say "animals", we mean the other species that are not plants or cells. Cells are organisms like bacteria, amoebas and other micro organisms that are not counted as animals or plants and reproduce asexually unlike plants and animals. Humans are the dominate species. We are civilized. But, just like the book teaches people, we can still have good relationships with other species. Tess always enjoyed playing under that old little tree. She loved it. This book is cute. This book might be too intense for kids under 7. Tess treats the tree's death like a human's death. This book has a good heart and morals. We also learn about emotions. Great messages. A must read! I still feel bad for the tree. Being civilized does not stop someone from having a good relationship with a living organism from another species.

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