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The Ashleys #1: There's a New Name in School

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age 8+

Excellent, well-written read for 3rd grade and up

The Ashleys is a well-written guilty pleasure novel that is an enjoyable and entertaining read for 3rd grade and up. Kids will enjoy the fun details of the wealthy and privileged. Your children should be smart enough to realize that this is guilty pleasure fiction and should not be taken seriously. A+

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
age 10+

just a book

i think this book exagerates the issues you may face in highschool to show how teens may feel. every girl that reads this takes one charicter they feel most like them nad sympathises with them the whole book. this is just a novel nad noone actually take it seriusly. if anyone actually does tke this book seriusly they are pretty dumb. obvs. its not based on a true storey and noone actually like fendi and all those things nomore..i think that the charicters in this book are not very good role models. but iots just reading material since when does anyone actually use a charicter from a book as a role model but this book however is educational. it shows that all of them had feelings, meaning even the meanest of people may only be looking for a few real friends

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Educational value
age 11+


Oh plz. There is no school on the world like this. it's just a silly story. NO BIG DEAL! Half the kids at school today wear abercrombie and forever21. They are not going to waste their time buying fendi and prada when the last thin their classmates could do is care about their designer clothes. If a kid wants to read this, let them. There's a .5738292048 chance that they will start acting like this at their jeans-and-a-tshirt-wearing pub schools. Their not gonna change the way they dress/act unless they go to a private school just this. And I doubt private skool kids even read so chill out!! Btw- poking is not violence!!!!!