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The Daring Book for Girls

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Teaches kids to summon demons

I’ll be honest, this is a fun book. It sparks my kid’s creativity. HOWEVER, while looking up “How to make friendship bracelets” for my 9 year old, I stumbled across “Bloody Mary” and how to summon her. (Page 102) I learned all about this in Public School. Many may think it’s a funny game, but teaching kids to meddle with demons is not ok in my book. I haven’t looked closely to see if there is anything else questionable in here, but that’s enough for me to keep this book away from kids without adult supervision.

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Too much violence
age 6+

Recipes for Girl Power

My precouscious 6-almost-7-year-old loves this book. She combs its pages constantly. If this isn't her Bible, it is certainly fuel for her manifesto. Although its audience is much more diverse than its title, this book is great for rough and tough, strong-willed-women in the making. I'm sure Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have pulled this off the library shelf had it been published back when. If you have Dangerous Book for Boys, this would make a great friend on your shelf. I marked it "6 and up," but I'm sure Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Guardians etc would have a great time reading this to any age child. I'm a so-called grownup, and I love it too.