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age 11+

Tweens, Teens, Aldults... THE BEST BOOK EVA!!!

I loved it! I'm 13 and honestly I don't think there is anything bad about this book! I read the Everafter and was creeped out as well as captured by the spell of Amy Huntley’s amazing page turning suspense novel. Seventeen-year-old Madison Stanton knows she's dead. How? Why? Where is she? What’s next? She doesn’t know. She finds objects she lost throughout her life that act as portals back to the moment she lost each one. If she finds the object while she’s visiting then she can’t go back, but if she doesn’t she can continue to travel back to this memory. She finds some clues in these flashbacks when she replays her first kiss, a middle school slumber party, and a fight with her boyfriend. We meet her boyfriend Gabe and his alcoholic father, Maddy’s pregnant sister, and her best friend Sandra who is emotionally abused and controlled by her insane mother. The clues that she gets leads her to figure out how she died, and understands more about the Everafter (Heaven/ Hell). When she finally figures out how she died she journeys to the Everafter with dead Gabe.

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