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Educator Written byFeathersword June 20, 2009

This book is written for middle schoolers...

I hated this book. I read it to my students because it was recommended here and I made a mistake. I hated it. It was age-inappropriate for 9-year-olds and was confusing to them. It also has curse words in it!
Adult Written bylionman718 January 3, 2012

How to help your kids and make them answer the questions!

this book shows how a normal kid can find something (i.e. Video games) addicting and shows them what will happen if they play to much and what will happen when there addicted. If they say their not addicted then tell them to read this book it really helps! another thing is Families can talk about the addictive nature of the glasses. What are some of the early warning signs that the glasses might be more trouble than they're worth? Why doesn't Kevin pay more notice to the problems with the glasses? What would you wish for if you had the glasses? Do you think you would handle them differently than Kevin did?
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