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Great story, mature topics

We love Gordon Korman audiobooks! I listened to this one with my 6th grader while driving to and from sports practice, and I'm glad my 8-year-old wasn't with us, as some of the content was more mature. This story deals with some important but intense topics - the difficulties of divorce, drug use (main character's parents were addicts who left their children after rehab to be raised by grandparents) and domestic abuse. One character has OCD and another character is gifted. The story shows well how an abusive person can hide who they really are so people around them would never know what's really going on behind closed doors. It also shows how drug use can affect families. We had great discussions about the dilemmas the characters face - when should the characters have gone to adults for help, the morality or legality of their actions, how to deal with bullies, how to help someone who is being abused, etc. Gordon Korman knows well how to write a compelling, and entertaining story, and this one doesn't disappoint.

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Great messages
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Great book about friendship, while still fitting in the right amount of adventure

My daughter read this -she loves almost anything by Gordon Korman- and she said it was so good and I must read it. So I did. It was great! Creative idea, great characters, and a secret to keep all roll together in this book. One of the characters is being abused by his stepfather, in case any parents are sensitive about that. Other than that, it's simply great! Instant classic!