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Kid, 10 years old January 9, 2010


I believe this book is good for kids ages nine and up because in the book there is dissecting of frogs for scientific purposes, true, but it is still kind of gross and younger kids might not appreciate how there are detailed photos of that happening. For kids who DO read 'The Frog Scientist' I think they should know that a lot of the book is about the process in the lab to find out if atrazine is feminizing (turning boys into girls) the male frogs, and to do this they have to painlessly end the frogs life so they can dissect them. There is a big amount of science vocabulary, so it is best if a parent can help you with the words, unless you can fully operate the glossary in the back of the book. It was interesting to hear about the scientist's life as a kid and young adult because it made you feel connected to the story, plus it gave you some background information on why he wanted to be a scientist who studies frogs
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