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The Golem's Eye (The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 2)

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Perfectly Marvellous Writing and Full of Suspense

The second book in the Bartimaeus trilogy was amazing. It plays with your emotions and character allegiances a lot, and I felt incredibly conflicted most of the time over who I wanted to succeed. In the previous book, Nathaniel was at risk of being swallowed by the Magician's culture of power, greed, and betrayal. Now in this book, he's fallen into it head-long. Only a few sparks of his conscience can be seen anymore, but as he's the main character, the reader still feels allegiance to him. This is partially because we know Nathaniel has the potential to be honourable and good and we desperately hope he'll be able to live up to that potential. One of the antagonists, Kitty Jones is a member of the resistance that Nathaniel is trying to destroy. Some of the chapters are told from her point of view and she is much better morally than Nathaniel. Her sad backstory also moves the heart of the reader in her direction, leaving the reader unsure who to side with. If Nathaniel doesn't stop the resistance, he'll be in big trouble, but if the resistance is stopped, Kitty will be in trouble. Few books have ever been able to create such a feeling of conflict and suspense in me before. The book was one of the best I've ever read!

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Too much violence
age 11+

An Amazing Series But For More Tween Readers

This series centers around three characters: Kitty, Nathaniel, and Bartimaeus. The book is kind of like Harry Potter, only in my opinion, better. The moral values taught in the books are unforgettable. It tells of redemption and friendship. The only reason I say iffy is because if you aren't old enough to understand the books, then the moral values can and probably will be confused. For those who say the book is annapropriate and has nothing good about, you should finish the series and read 'Ptolemy's Gate'.

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Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
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Just a great book in general.

I think this site puts too much empathsis on the small matters in the book. Sure the demon is a bit cheeky, the boy isnt that great, and the girl is part of a group determined to take down the 'evil' government. But do you really think kids care? No, they just want to see their favorite characters suceed. I personally think this book isnt an issue for kids. Though the chacters are iffy, they still provide the entertainment every teen, tween, and possibly even adult will enjoy.