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Adult Written byBroken and Bleeding November 11, 2009
i am i high school student in texas and i am reading this novel, and frankly i am not in the least bit impressed with it. its a story that has no connection between vignettes and is no more than a collaberation of random short stories. in my oppinion a sixth grader could have written this book.
Parent Written bybrinawilson April 18, 2012

My Opinion & guide Lines.

i think this book isn't for kinds but it should be good for the younger adults in about let's say maybe senior year in high school and not for younger viewers in junior high school.
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Too much sex

An Amazing read

House on mango Street is about a girl named Esperanza who has to go through many struggles during what is supposed to be her carefree childhood, but to be perfectly honest that is selling this book short. This book has so many underlying themes and messages that are up to interpretation, one thing I think that makes this book all the more enjoyable. I loved house on mango street for several reasons. One was because of its uniqueness and Sandra’s willingness to be honest and let her self reflect in her writing. I also love Sandras Cisneros's writing style. I Love the idea of short stories that can stand alone and I feel that she has executed it perfectly. Another reason I loved this book is because anyone can relate to this book in one way or another.
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Great role models
Educator and Parent Written byDad of a Son September 21, 2016


This book is so fragmented, I am surprised it is being used by HS English teachers. No, I am not surprised, for it is being used to inculcate our boys to view themselves as assailants (or potential ones); the book vilifies men. Typical of HS English teachers who want to indoctrinate kids that we live in a rape culture and force male guilt upon our boys. Only the female characters seem to have any honor. This book should NOT be used in a classroom setting.
Adult Written byluzSerrano July 17, 2016

Good Book

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cinceros, is a book for the crowd of ages 14+. I personally think it's a good book, the overall message to it can definitely be relatable to many readers. The novel covers the life of Esperanza, a chicana who is 12. She goes from living in a apartment to moving to a house that their family owns in Chicago. Throughout the book she grows mentally and physically. As time goes by she begins writing as a way to express herself and escape the reality of her neighborhood that she's not to happy with. You get the impression that esperanza is a friendly girl who moved into mango street. She quickly befriends Rachel and lucy, two sisters that live across the street from her. As in other girl, Esperanza is growing up and gets a sudden interest in boys noticing her. Thats when she befriends Sally, whos a bit more sexually mature then Esperanza and her friends. Sally uses sex as a way to escape her abusive father. Soon enough Esperanza is ready to leave Mango street. She wants to go away from her sad red house. She understands that writing might be her way out of mango street. I think the overall message is relatable, we've all been in situations when we are the "new kid" or simply just dont like our neighborhood and dream of the day we get to leave. I think the book is definitely one for young kids to red just to get a taste of what puberty can do to you, and how it can make you feel. It also shows that stressing over situations really does you no good, and one day you'll look back on your childhood and wish you could go back to it.
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