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Parent Written byCommonSenseParent November 24, 2010

Great read for middle school (6th grade) and up

My 11-year-old sixth-grader and I have read and loved this. A lot of her peers are now venturing into young adult books, and they all realize that this is gulity pleasure fiction and not to be taken seriously. You should definitely read the whole series. A+
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Adult Written byUKnowULoveMe April 9, 2008

A great start for teens all around!!

I am very excited and happy for this book! I think it explains a wilder and different side of our main character! I was 12 when i read it and i think it's a wonderful start for teens!
Parent of a 15 and 16 year old Written byPopcorn1111 January 21, 2011

Don't worry

It's a very suspending book that any teen would enjoy, sure parents are worried about the language but that doesn't mean your child will use it. My child hates reading, she only reads the series because she finds it funny and interesting (to tell you the truth so do I!) so for you worried parents, give this book a second chance.
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Adult Written byFlavored April 9, 2008

Teenage Trash.

This book is aweful, as well as the Gossip Girl books. It's for teenage girls who like to daydream about guys. and things that are totally unrealistic. It's an aweful book and an overall stupid story. Don't read this book before bed; it's not worth loosing sleep.
Adult Written byDJgirl April 9, 2008

Not Into It

A spin-off of the popular Gossip Girl series, this book has all of the loose morals and wooden dialog but none of the wit of the original series. If it is the guilty pleasure of shallow teen-girl fiction you are after, there are plenty of other options to go for besides this boring clunker. The protagonist, Jenny, is beyond clueless, and the supporting cast is full of wholly unlikeable one dimensional stock characters with (yawn) predictable poor-little-rich-kid back stories. The It Girl is badly written and poorly plotted-- leave it the shelf.
Adult Written byiffets April 9, 2008

its just as good as the gossip girl series.

and like the gossip girl series you either hate it or love it... I of course love it. I'm sixteen and these are the only books i fully enjoy reading. The ones full of sex and drugs. Parents calm yourselves its nothing a 13 year old hasnt heard of before. These books will blow your mind with all the drama and gossip that floats around. Its nothing like my life, rich kids wearing expensive clothing and drinking the bottles of wine their daddies sent to them at boarding school. I must warn you once you enter the relm of Waverly Academy or New Yorks Upper East Side you'll get stuck their, longing for more.
Adult Written bysoftballrocks101 April 9, 2008

this was a great book

this was the best book i ever read! i only read the first one and cant wait to read the next ones! i didn't read the gossip girls series and this book made sense so u don't need to read them first. i am going to read them after this series. u should read these books they are awesome!!!!! :)
Adult Written bycnfxox April 9, 2008

This book is realy good but a little Iffy.

this is a wonderfull book and i couldent put it down! i would definently suggest the next 4 books too.