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The best magic book

Below are the reviews of Magic Misfits from my 4th grade students: I love the book because it was a great mystery book and it was just heartwarming. It just made me feel happy reading the book. I would recommend this to people who like magic and mystery books. -S.S. age 10 Magic Misfits is an amazing book! It was 98% great. It didn't have a great ending, but it was pretty wonderful still. -L.E. age 10 I liked the ending! It was very exciting to think of all the things that will happen to the gang of misfits in the next book. It was very interesting. It has just the right amount of action, mystery, and excitement. -L.W. age 10 I think it was a very good book and that other people should read the book too because it teaches you magic tricks! -O.K. age 10 I thought this book was intense, jaw-dropping, and had a lot of good morals/lessons. It was a great book! Although, it did have a few editing mistakes that we found. A ton of people would love it- I sure did! Carter faces hardships, but ends up coming through! I'd love to read the rest of the series! -S.G. age 10 I liked the book because it includes mystery and humor. I also liked it because it shows kids kindness and teamwork and shows kids doing the right thing. It would make a great movie. -J.J. age 10 This was a great book! Good plot and twists, but not the best end. This book could be better. I would recommend it because this is a funny book and if you like magic this is the book for you. -M.Y. age 10 I think it was 5 stars because it had a lot of details to tell you about the characters. And I also sort of like magic. The reason I rate it five stars is because it is a very good book. I would recommend it to someone who likes magic- if you don't like magic, well, let's just say it's not your book. -R.K. age 10 A good plot, good thinking, and a good story. I liked it. It was fascinating. I would probably recommend it to someone who likes magic. -J.W. age 10 I think this book is really good. It is really funny, informative, and action-packed. It also has great magic tricks in the book. It was one of the best books I've ever read. -A.C. age 10 Normally, I don't like reading books about magic because they're corny. But this is a really good book because it explains how the magic works. The ending is OK, but it's kind of exactly what you expect in a book about an orphan. -G.T. age 11 I'm usually very picky on books I read, but right when I read the back, I knew it would be perfect for me. I really like a twist at the end and the magic tricks I learned throughout the book were cool. It took me on a magical journey. I would definitely recommend this to a friend because of the friendship inside the book. -R.M. age 10 Magic Misfits was one of the most addicting and creative books I have ever read. It hardly has room for improvement. Usually, I prefer not to read too much about magic- it's too cheesy. This book, however, was much more realistic. Instead of using the power of magic wands to solve problems, it used the power of friendship and wits. -E.M. age 10 This book is definitely an awesome book, but it's predictable. It was exciting and definitely a book I'd recommend. -R.H. age 10 I'm usually not into magic books but I really liked this book. It's great because they use their own skills to catch a bad guy. Each one of the misfits is talented and so good at what they do. The ending is the same as some other books but overall it is a great book. -E.S. age 10 At the beginning of the book, it was alright, but when you kept on reading, it was awesome! You should read the book because it tells you about how a bad guy steals the Star of Africa diamond. The mystery riddle at the end is fun to figure out. -K.L. age 10

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