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The Mostly True Story of Jack

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age 11+

Touching book is more than a tad creepy.

The Mostly True Story of Jack is exciting, and near impossible to put down, but is also violent and creepy. Similar to the movie Coraline in violence and creepiness, this book includes remnants of the old evil fairies. The town has a past where kids are stolen away. The rich man who leads the town will sacrifice more children, including Jack, to make sure his vile son Clayton doesn't get taken. Jack's parents don't seem to acknowledge him, and he has many pictures of a mom, a dad, and a boy, in which another boy, Jack, is hand-drawn in. Wendy encounters the "spirits" of the missing children who are frightening, but Wendy doesn't cave. Her brother, Frankie, was missing at one point, but came back, with numerous scars. In the end, the underlying theme is about sacrifice, and the courage to do what's right.

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