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The Pirate Cruncher

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age 4+

One of my favorite read-aloud books

"The Pirate Cruncher" and "The Gruffalo" are the best read-aloud books ever. I have twin 5 yo boys, and they adore listening to me read this book. We've owned it for about a year. For "Pirate Cruncher", you get to alternate between singing a pirate chanty and growling the pirate captain's commands. The illustrations are richly detailed and teach foreshadowing. My kids love looking at the illustrations and pointing out details of the pirates' costumes and evidence of the Pirate Cruncher.

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age 4+

A great book for kids AND parents

We started reading this book to my son when he was four and he still likes it at age six, but probably not as much as I do! The pirates do get eaten in the end, so it's pretty dark, but so playfully written and beautifully illustrated, most kids will be fine.