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Parent Written byMurMel September 20, 2011

Hang on a minute!

I completely disagree with the review. It is written/drawn to APPEAL to kids under 10. But no 10 year old I know is interested in it. The 2nd graders DO want to read it. And a later book does indeed have one of the primary characters smoking. She doesn't like it, but she tries it in order to get back at her mother. The other character hides the shoplifting behaviors of her friends from her guardians, and worries that they will send her back to the orphanage. I find this a very sketchy book. It is one of those books that makes disturbing behaviors look cute and the adults are foolish and unapproachable. Secrets are kept without consequence from friends and parents. And there are some great opportunities to talk through difficult feelings that are completely ignored. I will not even give this book to the thrift store. Its going in the trash.
Parent of a 6 and 9 year old Written byAutumn1 April 19, 2013

Review of the Review

I agree with what another parent said about this being for older kids, though it is marketed to younger. I think the topics are what we want to keep our children away from: boys, cliches, caring about popularity. These are not things we want our girls to be focusing on--especially at school! Having said this, I think there are some positive talks you could have with your daughter while reading this. However, the CSM reviewer does not discuss these at all, which is surprising because they are issues that need to be addressed over the ones given such as how creative you think the format is and having opposite interests from your friends. The reviewer could be more intrepid and have parents discuss the fact that one girl has two dads, that one set of parents is divorced and what that means for that girl. The reviewer could suggest talking to our young daughters about boyfriends and what that means and bowing to peer pressure, etc.
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Parent of a 5 year old Written bymadsmooney1214 May 31, 2012

popularity papers

to the book? Are you more likely to read books like this that try something creative? Can you think of other graphic novels you've read? This book has a message we've seen before: Two good friends realize that being around people you love is more important than being popular. Can you think of other books or movies that share this message? What is your own definition of popularity? Julie and Lydia are very different. Julie is shy and artistic whereas Lydia is more outgoing and loves to perform. Can you think of other books about opposite friends? Is this something that happens in real life? Which of these girls do you feel more like? This review was written by Kate Pavao
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