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The Ring of Rocamadour: The Red Blazer Girls, Bk. 1

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It's OK, not the best book i've read!

This book isn't exactly bad. I think that teenagers would get bored with it though, they would think that the book is pretty pointless. The age limit should be 9-12. It's really only appropriate for them.

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age 10+

A Very Mysterious Yet Slightly Mathy Book

This book is an excellent book to read for readers who love mystery. It involves a lot of math within the clues Sophie and her friends find, but overall I completely adorded the book. I had a hard time putting it down! It is definitally for this generation! Michael Beil did an excellent job with this book and all of the others I have read!

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age 9+


I really enjoyed this book! I think this book might be more appealing to people who like math and/or literature because it involves some math and literature puzzles that you can either solve yourself or wait for the characters to solve. I think this book is good for kids 9 and up. This book has some good humor, but i think it would a.) make more sense to girls and b.) it is more oriented to girls making me feel that this book would be better for girls. There is a boy in it, but he is not a main character, as this is about girls at a private school, and it makes you feel that way (you are at a private school for girls only, that is). The girls have healthy relations (none of them is a big boss of ANY, or all of the other girls) and get along well, except for one point in the book where Sophie (one of the girls) jumps to conclusions, other then that they get along great!