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age 3+

Perfect book for kids in USA today

The sad little fact is that "A fact is a fact," whether you want it to be true or not. If some of the facts listed in this book make you angry, then you yourself have buried the sad little fact alongside the others. Critical thinking has never been more important or under greater threat than it is today, and that is why I was very happy to see my daughter bring this book home from her school library!

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age 5+

The Sad Little Fact

This is a book that can be enjoyed by young readers, but the real point being made is one that will resonate with older readers. The idea is that there are some people who try to ignore facts that are not convenient to them. In this era of people claiming “fake news” all the time, it is refreshing to find a book that accepts all facts as facts. As a school librarian, I try to teach children that they must do research from a number of sources before they can trust information. Not all information is reliable, and it is our responsibility to educate children to reference sources that are credible, reliable, and written by somebody with knowledge of the topic they speak on. This story supports the notion that the truth must be set free.
age 18+

NOT for young readers!

This book is stating that humans come from apes and that humans are causing global warming and more liberal beliefs that a young reader can’t even comprehend, it’s a picture book intended for non and beginner readers... Nothing like trying to brainwash the young. Horrible book!
age 14+

Pushing ideas on young children

The book starts out with facts listed such as 2+2=4, great. Then, it says that all humans originated as apes. It goes on to push the theory that humans are causing global warming. This liberal book is crap. Push your ideas on someone else, not innocent kids.