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The Summer I Learned to Fly

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Beautiful Story

Most of the time I tend to find coming-of-age books pretty boring. But The Summer I Learned To Fly is an amazing masterpiece! Nick is an excellent role model because even after a traumatizing accident, he kept is optimistic attitude and didn't let it get in the way of anything. However, sometimes Drew's mom can be a little annoying and overprotective.

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Great role models
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Good story of friendship but the moral isn't okay.

I found the character relationships in this book irritating. The mom is being purposely deceptive to Drew about the fact that she's dating someone, and Drew acts rather obnoxious back. Emmett supposedly cares for Drew, but there is nothing to prove that he truly does, and I really didn't feel like he did: it completely seemed like Emmett was using Drew. Also, there are severe moral and personal value issues in the theme. That Drew runs away on a quest for a boy she doesn't even know is shown as "personal growth," and the story basically says "it's okay to run away and join a group of fanatics." Drew doesn't even believe that what she does will work, but she still runs away to do it. My last complaint was Emmett himself: he bothered me to no end, and that Drew was for some reason convinced that he was the solution to many problems drove me bonkers! I think that most kids will look past these and feel that this story is a sweet story of friendship, but the imbedded morals really need discussion. Also, some people might get bored with the slow pace and ceaseless way Drew does something, and then twists it into something her mom would be okay with her doing.