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To Night Owl From Dogfish

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READ THIS! you will want to hear

this book is completely worthless all it is is just a bunch of emails. with two gay single dads (not being racist) and they go to china to know each other better so then they force their daughters to know each other. but what do you know they builds a relationship through email what is this trying to show. that you find friends through email and the whole book is just emails their is characters talking just emails no feelings nada this book its like its trying to put you in the state of mind that friendship is through emails which it is not! if you're a reader who likes reading interesting books out there this would not be recommended this book has no meaning and does not teach you anything about ("friendships") (its also just really over the place and a lot of the emails in the book don't tell you anything)
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age 11+

Wonderful story with good LGBTQ+ characters Spoilers Ahead!

This book is really good! Here is how I would rate it: Positive messages: 9/10: The only reason I didn’t give this book a 10 because the girls get kicked out of summer camp and the girls talk to each other via email without meeting in person first. Violence: 1/10: The only part which is considered violent is when Brett unhooks her harness on a zip line mid air and she falls into a lake. Sexy Stuff: 9/10: Parents should know that a same sex couple is what the story revolves around and if they aren’t ready to introduce their kids to this topic yet, then this book is not for them. They talk about sex, getting periods, gay and straight marriages, sexual orientation, and a lot of other things. Positive Messages:10/10: This book teaches kids about good friendships and how to handle situations like these. It also has a scene where the girls go with Avery’s birth mom, which whom have never meant in person. Overall, this is a good story and I recommend it for ages 11 and up because of the sexual themes. Thank you for your time!

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