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Weird innuendos and too much language for a 5 year old.

I wanted to like this book. The librarian raved about how cute it was. I looked the book up and Google said it was appropriate for a 5 year old, so we started to listen to it for bookclub. I had concerns when I was listening to the first chapter. There was jealous tendencies and not kind language, like "shut up". Okay, I can deal with that and have a conversation about how we don't use that language. BUT when we got to chapter 3, I was just extremely shocked. There is mention of ghosts and ax-murderers in the basement. WHAT?! That is not a conversation I want to have with my 5 year old tonight when he's afraid to go to sleep. Come on. This is a kids book. THEN, when the stuffed animals goes into the washing machine, the description of the washing cycle is WEIRD! Like grooming weird. This book may be appropriate for an 8 year old with guidance, but I was not expecting this. I get that I could be being extra cautious when it comes to the washing machine chapter, but with everything you see nowadays about how Disney and other corporations have 'crept in' sneaky little inappropriate things, I don't think we can be too cautious in some things like this. Hindsight is 20/20 and I truly regret letting him hear this book.

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Too much swearing
age 6+

Wonderful and Funny - Great for a Range

Great for reading aloud with little guys or an age range, or second or third graders to read on their own. This one made my 6 year old (and myself) belly laugh. It's imaginative and sweet. The characters are so loveable.
age 6+

Absolutely Precious

An absolutely precious story for both children and parents. The complexity of the relationships and characters in this story are so well done. This is not a fast action/adventure, but there is plenty suspense; even more so for those who love animals (and especially stuffed animals). It's by far one of my favorite books my son and I have read together. Magical in its simplicity. A wonderful story about friendship and how we all deal with conflicts, disagreements, and fears. We've read the other two in the series, and my 7 year old son has re-read it now on his own about 3 times. We're even going as Lumphy and Stingray for Halloween this year!
age 6+
age 6+

Family Favorite

A hilarious, heartwarming story. This is an all-time favorite of my 8-year-old's and mine. Honestly, the first time we picked it up we didn't love it and only got through the first chapter. So glad we gave it another shot, though. We've since listened to it on audio book & reread it several times. We've even given copies away as gifts. Love it.

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Great messages
Great role models