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Teen, 13 years old Written byVelvet_Leggings_XD May 7, 2010
All right. First of all, I hated this book pretty bad. I mean, it had an okay plot and all, and when I read it the first time I said to myself, "Well, all right. This is an okay book." Until I read it a second time. I'm a book freak, and the first time I read a book that actually interests me (I'm an extreme book critic as well) I sort of gloss over the flaws in it. Until I read it a second time. I read Twilight once more, sort of half-skimming through the pages, and then notice one thing that really bugs me, since I'm a half author, half editor (Well, very nearly, and no, I do not vomit out some vampire crap): Spelling, punctuation, and, most of all, grammer mistakes. It's one of my biggest pet-peeves besides socks and pillows, as well as the texture of my walls (I know; I'm a strange one). The second thing I just happened to notice was that Bella, the main character, is a really big whiner. Now, whiners also annoy me, and I started to think, "Now why the heck did I read this book in the first place?" Bella also depends too much on Edward, who sort of gives off some creepy stalker vibes and an impression of a serial killer (Seriously, I had nightmares of him stalking me. Just a tad strange). And then I read, once more, the part of how he sparkles. Really, now, we know Edward is hot (In the book), but you're seriously overdoing it now. I'm thinking, "Really? Does he really need to SPARKLE?" Then I noticed the dad, Charlie. He's the worst dad ever, or haven't you noticed that? I thought I noticed you noticing. Seriously, though; all he does is sit around and watch TV, talks to Bella about once a week, goes fishing every day and leaves the kid unsupervised, and doesn't seem to really give a crap about the poor girl. No wonder she's such a whiner and willing to have any man, right? I also noticed that Meyer adds tons of weird and unrelated details to the book, the h--- word is used every once in a while, and, the biggest problem of all I read in Newmoon, Bella gets a little on the suicidal side. Seriously, she got my friend thinking that jumping off a cliff is really cool and fun and that she should try it as well. Meyers has also gotten two of my friends thinking that they're vampires, and she got my friend on drugs lined with BLOOD. Seriously. I'm getting a bit worried about our society and the Twilight series. My other friend is a literal addict of it, and it's creeping me out about how loyal she is to the books/movies. And yet another thing: Bella has no personality. She's all whiney and dependant, yes, but pretty much nothing else. Even in the movies (Really bad acting, by the way), the person who plays her has like, this blank stare the entire time. Even when the one guy kisses her at lunch, she's giving the girl next to her a look that says, "What? Did I pee myself again?" It just...bothers me. It's unnatural. And little ten-year-old girls, believe what you will. But really, you shouldn't be reading this stuff. Why not read Catherine Called Birdy? Best and most funny book of all time about this stubborn, personality-packed girl who's being forced to get married--to the ugliest, most disgusting man ever. But will she have to marry him? Not if Birdy can help it, with a little luck with accidentally catching the privy (bathroom house) on fire and running away multiple times (She always comes back to her friends, of course). Now THAT is a good book!
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Too much swearing
Kid, 12 years old May 9, 2010

Horrible Characters, Horrible Messages, Horribly Boring

This book was horrible. All of the Twilight books were horrible. I just can't get over the fact that they're 17! And excuse my reference to other books in the series (as well as some possible spoilers coming up) but they get married at 18, at 19 (or still 18?) they have a baby... I mean, the author is basically sending the message that "If you believe you're in love when you're only 17, go for it! Get married in a year, have a baby the next. You know your love is true and because you've been together for almost a year, you two are perfect for one another. You'll never get a divorce." Okay, my friend (a seventh grader) was with a boy for a year. Does that mean they were planning to get married? No. But teens might start thinking about that earlier and earlier if we send out messages like this. The book was awfully boring, dragged on and it was just horrible. Vampires aren't meant to sparkle and make out with humans. Now, Bella isn't even a character. Well, she has no emotions anyway. She's somewhat dumb and naive, too. What a great role model. Honestly, this entire series is horrible.
Teen, 13 years old Written byJdog68 April 9, 2008


I loved this book oficially the best book I have ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I recomened to every age because it dosn't have any bad stuff in it or anything and I love the vampire thing!!!!!!!! I LOVE EDWARD COLLuN
Teen, 13 years old Written byBookWorm888 April 28, 2011

A total teenager book!

Hey guys! Twiilight is one of the best books ever! As you can see, I marked Twilight with lots of concerns. If you are a matured teen, I think that you can totally handle this stuff. The violence is when Edward or Jacob loose control, and they go crazy. Other part is when Bella freaked out and jumped over a cliff and nearly killed herself. The sexualy part is when Bella and Edward kiss and when Bella tries to have sex with Edward. Language wise, well that depends on what you think is bad language. It has words like He**, A**, but that's about it. The noticible product placement is when Edward drives super expensive parts as a yound teenager. The messages aren't that positive because Bella hates herself cause Edward is leaving her. Also, I think that its really inappropritae for a 17 year old to get pregnent. even with all the negatives, this book is worth reading. Its better then Harry Potter for sure! Love it love it love it! You're missing out big time so go the the library and borry a copy! Bye! -BookWorm888
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Teen, 13 years old Written byIsntThatGreat June 28, 2010

Worst book of all time. Go read Harry Potter instead.

Title says it all. Harry Potter for the win.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Teen, 14 years old Written byBeyondBD October 18, 2009

Edward Hottsickle!

It's Twilight, is there anything else to add? I got this book because of how popular it was. I'm pretty mainstream when it comes to books. But this was the worst book ever! Okay, my thoughts on this book... For a romance, it's completely dumb and I wouldn't never recommend it. Here are my reasons. It is extremely anti climactic. Vampires sparkle in this book, what a pathetic thing for a vampire to do! I expected him to rise up in the air with fire spurting out of his mouth, his eyes burning out of their sockets and his skin become chard and black...but no...he sparkles. The author is a quack, she thinks of the weirdest things. The end of the book was descent enough, but mediocre to say the least. The characters are weak and Bella is a completely obsessive person who makes wrong decisions for her boyfriend stalker, Edward. This book encourages kids to not take drugs (in this case cough syrup)...unless there's a hot boy in the equation. It's also okay to be stalked, I mean, who doesn't find it hott to be stalked!? And having a creepy boy watching girls sleep, no that's not a pervert at all! Edward Cullen, the boyfriend stalker, also is very sexist. He wants to protect Bella with the simplest things--which is not what life is about. She worships him as if he were a god, but this is stupid. She’s not independent, and I feel that if girls read this book, they will not think of the flaws, but only how Edward Cullen is hott! I haven't bothered to read the second book because it was boring and had negative messages—but I heard Bella jumps off a cliff after Edward dumps her. I also feel the author was a very religious person, involving old customs into this book. What I'm trying to say is that, I don't not like it for the plot--I hate it for its message and the way the plot was pieced together. It also made me want to puke with how romantic it was. It could have been more interesting, but it failed miserably. The movie was surprisingly better.
Teen, 13 years old Written byDeeny June 5, 2010

Awful messages. Awful book.

As all the hype about this started up around me, I decided to buy all four (what a mistake) books and read them. As I finished Twilight I wondered why on Earth was there so much w=hype about it? I simply couldn't identify with Bella, as all she seemed to do was whine and complain and by the end (or maybe even the middle) I was sick sick sick of reading about Edward's "marble dazzling chest" and "smoldering topaz eyes". It seems like Mrs. Meyer simply did not know when to stop, because some books just shouldn't have been written- The Twilight Saga is a perfect example.
Teen, 13 years old Written byaremari April 9, 2008


Teen, 13 years old Written byWindigo June 28, 2011

Nothing more then a book on changes in eye colour

No matter how many times I think it over I cannot get how Twilight is so popular when for starters its main character, Bella is bland with practically no emotion whats so ever except for her obsession with Edward (normal love dose not require you to be with your boyfriend or girlfriend 24/7 or cause you to become suicidal if they decide to leave you). Also on top of this Bella is totally helpless without Edward and requires him to be by her side nearly every waking hour and has no other thoughts then those that have to do something about him. Now this is not all as the story of Twilight is like its main character- bland, loveless, and boring with any horror or adventure being few and far between and with most of the pages having abnormally large paragraphs that talk about nothing but the various colours of Edwards eyes (Yes, Bella we get it that they are golden you don't have to tell us for the 40th time as we can remember simple details such as this). Also Twilight while it is a vampire novel has practically no problems associated with becoming one of the undead humanoid leaches and not only makes such a thing fine but also a better choice then staying human. Finally if you think that the other books in the Twilight saga will be better you are sadly wrong as they are just like this one-nothing more then a cure for insomnia.
Teen, 15 years old Written byWriterGurl24 January 30, 2011

Lust? Excitement? Yes. Love, feminism? Never.

Parents, as an AVID teen reader, I do NOT recommend these books for your young girls. This book is about lust, male dominance, and has no literature upholding whatsoever. First, Bella Swan is a Noncharacter. She doesn't develop, she constantly complains, and is completely dependent on "Edward" The series, sure, is engrossing, but it is based on lust and want, not love. Read the series, first, at least.
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Too much sex
Teen, 14 years old Written bySpicy Mango September 12, 2010

Vampires don't sparkle, girls.

Flat characters, idealistic romance (obsession), and really lame storyline. Bella is designed to be liked by completely average girls that like to fantasize about fairytale princes and the world revolving around them. Also, the depiction of the vampires and other creatures are downright ridiculous. Overall it's not as horrile as everyone says but it's not like it's good either. Just... not worth it.
Kid, 11 years old June 19, 2010

It Was Terrible

I hated this book. It was a waste of time for me to read, and even though it sounds popular, don't spend your time reading this 500 page book, it's terrible.
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Kid, 10 years old May 14, 2011


Its great! If you have a very mature child then this book is fine or kids 10 and up! It's a amazing book, very long, and will keep you busy for a while. ITS AMAZING!!!!!!
What other families should know
Great messages
Teen, 13 years old Written byQuirky January 15, 2011

Could a thesaurus be useful, Ms. Meyer?

One word to sum up Meyer's writing: repetitive. To the point where my OCD self wants to take a red pen and change the wording! Honestly, there's no shame in using a thesaurus! But I'm afraid that even that may no help the blackhole of mindless "Oh Edward is soooo dreamy" that is found every time Edward is mentioned! Yes, we get it, he's attractive, now can we get on with it please? When I heard that this book was about vampires, I pictured ruthless bloodsucking creatures of the night... and I was wrong. Reading this book really became a chore, but since I *never* leave a book unfinished, I trudged on. I'd never burn a book, but Twilight certainly had me tempted. Bella's "damsel in distress" image really had me annoyed, and she's such a WHINER! I thought (or hoped) that there would be some character growth by the end of the book, but apparently not! Of course, when Bella went to her new school everyone thought she was perfect, and adored the little self pitying excuse for a human being. Everyone except the emo, and brooding Cullens, who are too busy being beautiful, perfect, and sparkly. No, I'm not kidding (I wish I was). When she meets Edward, it was love at first sight, which was not sweet but positively irritating! For the next 50 or so pages, Bella constantly asks debates with herself whether she likes Edward or not, and whining about how much he hates her, while being a total snob to the other boys who show their affection in sweet ways (and by sweet, I mean NOT breaking into her house and watching her sleep. While she's sleeping. In the middle of the night. IN HER HOUSE). A plot (and I use the term "plot" very loosely) makes itself known when evil vampire James comes in, and he wants to eat Bella. James is the only character I like. Bella is NOT someone you want your teen daughter modeling herself after. Bella is a shallow, whining, self pitying toerag (shall I go on?) who does NOTHING with her life except for fawning over her perfect vampire boyfriend (and I do mean NOTHING except that) To be nice, Bella and Edward's relationship is extremely unhealthy. And that's me being nice. Just don't bother with this book.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

The Best book ever

This is by far the best book I have ever read. This book is probebly good 4 kids 12+.
Kid, 9 years old April 9, 2008

The best book I've read in 4ever!

This romantic, suspenseful novel is a must-read for anyone! It's about a girl named Isabella Swan who moves from bright, sunny Arizona to cold, wet Washington. Bella thinks she wants to go back to Arizona until she notices something about a guy named Edward Cullen. She later finds out that the beautiful boy that she has fallen for is a vampire! Any girl that reads this will fall in love with Edward and wish they were Bella.
Teen, 13 years old Written byspartan_ally April 9, 2008

This is a book for about the age of children 13 and older.

I read this book in about 3 days. This book is so addicting that you just can't stop reading it. I was up until four o'clock in the morning reading this book. It is excellent. I say 13 or older becasue some younger kids don't need to be exposed to the violence in this the part with might give them bad thoughts...but older teens as myself won't be scared because this book is more about love then it is about violence...i recommend this book to just about is great...i would think thought that woment perfer this book more.
Teen, 15 years old Written byturtle2 April 9, 2008
Teen, 14 years old Written byHeppy191 April 9, 2008

Even people who don't like vampire books will love this one!!

From the moment I read the first page of Twilight, I was enthralled. The way that Stephanie Meyer incorporated science fiction, fantasy, romance, and adventure into one 600 page book is fantastic. I couldn't put the book down until I finished it two days later (I read a lot.) Everyone that I have ever talked to who has read this book loved it. My eighth grade classmates, my fifteen year old cousin, even some seventh graders (although they were pushing the age limit.) I know that if you try it, you'll love it, whoever you are!
Teen, 13 years old Written byNoOneGurl August 10, 2010

Epic Fail. 'Nuff said.

Well, there are lots of reasons this book sucked. I'l start from the beginning. She is desired by many boys even though she says that she doesn't think she looks all that great. And she declined everyone in hopes of getting the school's hottie, Edward Cullen. When he doesn't show any interest, Bella throws a fit, basically. it went like this: "I want Edward!" "He doesn't want you." "No! Why can't he? Everyone else does!" "Because Edward has actual taste." Then a car nearly smashes Bella, But, whaddya know, Edward comes and saves the day! I think she would've been better off smashed. Then it would be over. After that it's all mushy, plotless romance that made me want to gouge my eyes out. I mean, sparly vampires? Seriously? I think Stephanie Meyers has lost it a little bit. The only time the story had even the smallest amount of substance was when, finally, James, Laurant, and Victoria, the only 3-dimensional characters, arrived. Then there was some action. I was like, finally! Something GOOD! So in Pheonix Bella recieves a phone call saying James has her mother. Then Bella, being the oh-so noble character she is (not!), runs off thinking she can take James on and rescue her mother. Oh, but of course, it's all a rouse! I mean, who couldn't of seen that one coming! So James ALMOST kills Bella, then -- you guessed it. Edaward swoops in to save the day yet again. Then James takes a bite out of Bella, and Edward -- not Carlisle or Alice, but EDWARD -- has to suck the venom out of her. She trows yet anther fit about wanting to be a vampire: "I want to be a vampire with you, Edaward." "I won't change you; it's for your own good." "But I WANT to!" Then they kiss end of book one, la-di-da. There are several plot holes, the characters are VERY 2-dimensional. Bella is a weak teenager who depends on her boyfriend for everything. Edward is this gourgeous, perfect, sparkly vampire who can't decide whether he wants to date Bella or have her for dinner. The rest of the Cullens are perfect and sparkly as well. Uh, Mary Sue much?? The whole thing is completly overdone. I think there are 2,000 different ways Edward is described, all of them boiling down to, "Edward is hot." The only thing the book is good for is building up your vocabulary, and we all know how much teens enjoy THAT. ^ I must stop ranting so much. There must be some sort of medication... JK. I just like expressing my opinion.
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Too much sex