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The ending could be better.

The previous review essentially sums up the book. These are more of the problems I had with the book. It is basically about a teenager stalking an African American woman in the 1950’s. I thought this book was about a ghost but was disappointed when I found out it wasn’t. Then I thought it was about a witch because it is implied that Walking Mary cured her bad eyesight, but after that little bit in the beginning, it is never mentioned again. The entire time I was hoping that I would get some real background information about Walking Mary and not just speculation but that’s all you get. I was also hoping that Walking Mary would speak sometime in the book, even if it was just one profound line. But that doesn’t happen, either. It was kind of a cute story until the end. It was like “by the way, this has been happening and now I am going to kill myself.” I felt the ending, or even the entire book could have been stretched out to make more sense. So it was a big let down. But if you want a quick and easy read, this is a good book to pass the time.