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We Are Not from Here

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age 15+

Read it yourself first before offering it to your child.

This is a book for a mature child. I'm not sure I would be ok with having my own son reading it, given his temperament and values. This book is about 3 youngsters living in the midst of a violent and helpess reality. When faced with the prospect of death, they decide to run away and their adventure unfolds. There are many metaphorical elements worth meaningful discussions as well as valuable social issues being brought to light that could be something new or relatable to older children. I believe in context and think a book like this should not be pushed towards an older kid without meaning context and support for discussion possibilities. Some issues touched upon this book: teen pregnancy, sexual abuse & consent (in begging of book), immigration journey, gang violence, cultural exposure, American dream, escaping, hope.

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Too much violence
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