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Whisper to Me

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age 14+

Its quite a good read

I liked this book a lot and enjoyed reading it. Not only does it bring in a character who carries a few different struggles than most main protagonists, it gives young readers some introduction of things that really happen in the real world. Dealing with someone close to you being gone so suddenly, having to deal with mental illnesses, as well as an idea of what some may think about seeking help or why they find it hard to become open about themselves with other people. It gathers some aspects of a new perspective to the reader, and encourages more open mindedness to others. To some the amount of swearing may be a little excessive but it is part of the plot and in truth, really shows the reader how serious or aggressive the tones of certain characters are towards a conversation or situation in occurrence. I really hope more people read this book and that one or two things won’t keep more from enjoying it. :)

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