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Inappropriate content

I stopped reading this book because there was attempted sexual assault, and the heroine decides to seduce her employer to appease his anger. I don't know how this is resolved because I was too disturbed to keep reading. This book is very good, but it could be a traumatizing read for children younger than about fifteen. I think it is very important that kids don't learn about things like sexual assault from an unpleasant book, when they should be able to learn about these things in a safe manner with their family, if it's possible. Children could feel scared and discomforted after reading about this, as I did. On the other hand, for older teenagers, maybe this book is helpful, in that addresses these important issues like consent. I don't know if the book resolves the sexual assault and seduction in a healthy, feminist way.

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i read this book when i was 12. i’d say i read it a time where i was becoming more mature, but then again, kids mature at different ages. yes, there are some sexual parts in the book, but i think that’s okay. many people learn about this in 5th grade, it shouldn’t be strange to read it. i also think this book is amazing because it has lgbtq+ in it. it’s a good book for kids because it expands their views.

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