API Overview

API Overview

Making an API Call

The base path to the latest version of our API is:

To call a specific method, add the category name and action:

To get all movie reviews in our default JSON format:

API Keys

Every call made to the Common Sense Media API must include the "api_key" parameter. This parameter identifies you and ensures that no one else can see your data. API keys are granted upon initiation of a partnership agreement. If you do not have a partnership agreement with us, please contact us.

The API key is preferred be passed via an HTTP header.

  • Pass your key into the x-api-key header: x-api-key: [$your_api_key]

HTTPS Methods

The API must be called with an SSL connection using HTTPS for all data calls.

Our API is rate limited. It is limited to 5 unique requests per minute.

If you pull our data from multiple data centers, please stagger your pulls.

Updated Content

New content and changes to existing content are available in the API regularly, however there is no need to pull changes any more frequently than once an hour.

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