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Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

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age 11+

Its very nice

If you jave 11-18 year olds, then I think they would like this. There is hardly any language HARDLY, that dosent mean its not there (expect the d-word of h-word). But overall, It would be fun for the age groups I mentioned at the top of this review, wether you are a long time lover of the series, or brand new, You're probably gonna like this.
age 10+

Ace Combat 6

Ace combat 6 is another great game in the franchise featuring many high stakes missions and depending on how you feel about it can lead to a possible 100+ hours of flight. Don't let the rating fool you when it comes to violence, although you may be shooting down other enemy planes throughout the game you can hear the enemy pilots clearly stating that they're going to bail out. When it comes to the story the most you will see is an injured pilot in the movie parts which does not show any pain or suffering. Either way in preparation for the newest game Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown this is going to be the best place to start if you wish for a smooth transition into the new one.
age 10+

The best game made in 2007

I've played AC6 for quite a while now, and it never gets old. The graphics are amazing and intense, you fell like you are IN the jet. No blood or gore is should, but it is implied, as you can destroy bunkers and AA gun as they are firing at you, means someone has died. During the campaign, when you complete a mission a short cutscene plays. There is one in particularly "powerful" cutscenes were the main character is captured by a small enemy convoy, and as she escapes, a jet blows up the convoy behind her. Overall an amazing game with great graphics. I'd say a 9 year old would love and understand it.

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Great messages
age 12+

one of the better Ace Combat games

Beware of some cursing. Otherwise, this is the best game in its class! (I am an avid Ace Combat fan, to the point where it has affected my screen names)

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Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 10+

Great Game!

Language- Miner, if I remember right it just goes up to the b word. (Sorry, I can't guaranty I am right.) Violence- Not that violent. All you ever shoot is armored vehicles and buildings at large distances. You don't SEE the people die. So violence is pretty low.

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Educational value
age 10+

good for 10+

Hard if your not use to air shooters. Graphics are solid, and planes and bombs look awsome. Hard to shoot down planes with the standard machine gun. Story is also enjoyable. Oh yeah tasha2007 evr heard of call of duty?

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Educational value
age 8+

fin e

Best game ever. Exspecily with controllers. Buy compleatly safe