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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

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age 15+

Good for kids of an older pallet.

This game takes what you know about ace combat and twists it around. A plus for this game is the "Dogfight" mode which lets you think more about the enemy then piloting. Another good is the story it is one of the best written i have ever played in the ACE series. I also thoroughly enjoy the broad game play between diff air-crafts. Now the next two things to say is: one, the story takes place in real world areas unlike past ACE games. Now a pet peeve that I have is the dumbing down of the controls. Instead of old realistic controls. It is now a simple want to move right it moves right instead of old ACE games where you have to turn then pull. In closing this game is good with a lil more language then normal nothing more then what you hear in basic sitcoms. It is a game you should deff add to your collection.

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