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Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile

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Prescreen to judge if you’re comfortable to show to U12s.

This review relates to the 1978 original version unlike, I believe, some of the other reviews here. We watched this one as the reviews of the remake appear to suggest it’s not suitable for kids. The movie is entertaining although has dated rather badly with hammy acting and some very stereotypical characters. However don’t be fooled because there are some violent scenes and sex references here. Angela lansbury’s character acts drunk throughout the movie and mentions sex on a number of occasions. In addition the deaths range from fairly mild, to showing gunshot wounds to the leg and head, and ending up with self inflicted gunshots (suicide) at the end. If you are not comfortable with this concept I would not let your kids watch this. I was actually fairly shocked by the ending as the suicide is shown on screen. The rest of the movie perhaps would be fine for a mature 8-10 year old but that one end scene may make many feel uncomfortable. My 9 year old asked why someone would kill themselves and we then had to sensitively explain the scene. If I had known this was coming I would not have shown this movie to her. On that basis I think this is one of those ‘old’ movies that people assume is harmless because it has a historical PG rating, wheres personally feel it should be classified as a 12A if it was released now.

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Too much violence
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Not for kids!

This movie was absolutely full of sexual innuendo. I took my teenage grandsons and was so embarrassed. We left. Could have been a strong story if it wasn’t so vulgar.

This title has:

Too much sex
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I BELIEVED the 10+ rating and showed this to my kids 9 and 11.5. Both were horrified at the on-screen shootings and I was horrified to see an on-screen SUICIDE. That's a Big Deal, in my opinion, and not appropriate for 10-year-olds (or for my 11 YO). I cannot believe it was not even mentioned in the review, so I am mentioning it here. This disturbed my kids way more than ANY of the Star Wars movies (except episode 3, which they are not allowed to see). They were fine with Wonder Woman. THIS IS THE MOVIE THAT GAVE THEM NIGHTMARES and scared them at night. I wish I would have known.

This title has:

Too much violence
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