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Parent reviews for Alekhine's Gun

Common Sense says

Buggy violent action not quite ready for prime time.
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Parents say

age 15+
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Kids say

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Adult Written bySam Marrick March 24, 2016

Tame and Dated.

This game does not add much to the Hitman 2 formula. Its also glitchier. AI is bad and broken at worst. The story is not very interesting. Plot cliched and filled with gaps that damage credibility and it takes itself too seriously with material that has been done much better before. The characters are not very interesting and have at times stilted dialog and less than believable relationships. Its even awkward when in the beginning the protagonists narrates that his family died off screen. No build up or anything. (Note this is actually the 3rd in the "Death To Spies" trilogy). There arent even any traditional cutscenes. Its all black and white stillframes with soem red lights. While this is a budget title and a graphic novel style would have been economical, here it just comes off as cheap and uninteresting as it doesnt do much of anything to define a unique visual style. Also the fight scene at the end of the games with these "cutscenes" is LAUGHABLE. Levels are open yet dont offer the tactical freedom or variety of Hitman games, it all just window dressing as you go on "The right way" to complete a mission. These venues arent nearly as alive, populated and detailed as 2012s Hitman Absolution either. Nor is there any level/challenge creation or sharing online. Yet the core gameplay and stealth mechanics are solid. However there is little to justify the games existance. The violence in gameplay is very tame especially when compared to Hitman. The most graphic violence in aforementioned still frame cutscenes. An image of a woman and child bound at gunpoint is scene a couple of times. A couple of men are shot with a handgun with hand drawn splats and stains evident coming from thier bodies. A scene shows a sniper doing his craft on another few guys with similar results, with one being shot in the neck. A slide show shows a dead body in a pool of blood supposedly after a hit. A woman is shot several times after implied torture (bruises on her face) we see blood and wounds on her. She is later seen again in a pool of blood out of her abdomen. Another shooting is refered too. A man is dead with blood on a wall behind him as a dripping hole in his head as another is shot with a drawn blood spurt. A tarl in a morgue has large patch of blood where the head of a body is. Another tarp is seen, but in the street and has blood pool forming from under the head area. In gameplay blood is only shown with head sbots and it is a very small spurt that only sometimes stains walls and surfaces in decent amounts, when shot from up close. Stabbings produce no blood despite the stylized cinematic kill animation. Garrotes elicit struggling choking noises. There is one use of the S word.