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All Star Cheer Squad

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age 8+

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age 8+

a little confusing

i kind of like this game, but i'm at a very difficult level that i can't understand. There's a part in the game that someone in your team steals the other team's spirit stick and u have to get back to their dorm without being seen. There are no instructions and one time i didn't even get seen, but it still made me go all the way back to the beginning. I'm an all-star cheerleader, and i'm really disappointed that they don't let us do running tumbling, but only standing tumbling. Pretty good, but would've been better if they gave more instructions.
age 8+

Great for kids and tweens

I love this game! There's nothing wrong with it at all. Though there is some mild flirting with JT and your character nothing is sexual and theres no kissing. I've played it many times. Some mild lyrics too. Buy this for your kids, It is an amazing age appropriate fun game.

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Great role models
age 7+
i want to try it. it looks fun and since im a cheer captain i'd like to learn some new moves.
age 7+

Fun Times

it is pretty distracting but its pretty good.