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Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

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age 13+

biggest waste of money ever

usually i am very sure what i want, like this game. the trailer made it look cool. the thing is, the game tells you NOTHING, not even the controls barely i was more frustrated and gave up within 30 minutes after my first time playing. then my parents are going to hold it against me whenever i want a new video game that costs money, which all the good ones do. basically if you get frustrated easily don't buy it. and if you get it to be like planet of the apes, you wont have much fun also they spawn you in the middle of know where and there are all sorts of predators and they don't tell you how to fight them. i found myself looking up everything which i feel bad about doing. also the graphics are worth 40 dollars they are lower quality than you think. than again i did get it on launch, so... i could be wrong about the bugs and such
age 12+

It’s not that violent

I’ve been playing the game for a year and there is almost no violence And no swearing or drugs or sexual content so I think it is appropriate for 12 year old or over

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age 3+


Its rlly good and it teaches you about the theory of evolution so ye

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