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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo

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This is my favorite Animal Crossing game. Even with the new Switch game I’m still managing my position of mayor in game. It’s one of my favorite games on the 3DS and my favorite in the franchise. I lost my original copy so I bought a “new” copy at Walmart about a week prior to the Switch game that came out (I got my replacement on March 14 and the Switch game came out on the 20th). I have already put nearly 50 hours on this file and I have only put in a sad 4 and a half hours on the Switch game. I love this game and for those who can’t afford a Switch and $50 at Walmart for New Horizons, this game is a great entry point at $20 (plus $130 for a New 2DS XL to play it). I will probably never need another Animal Crossing game with this. It’s not as pretty as the Switch game but it still has good graphics and the island is the best way to get bells because you can get rare fish and bugs.
age 6+

a super cute game!

a super cute game with animals but you need to read so 6 and up!

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