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Aragami 2

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age 12+

best for teens and up

some parents may be thinking it's bad because aragami 2 is rated M, but it is a very light M, so that is why common sense media gave it a 15 instead of a 18 or 17. so I think 14 to 15 year olds can handle aragami 2. there is death, stealth, some blood, but not very graphic or disturbing
age 14+

Very lite M game could be for teens aged 13 and up

If your teen asked you for the game you should know that this game is not too intense for them common sense media recommends it for those 15 and up but if you are a bit younger (13-14) that is totally fine it is about ninjas combat and fine for teens so let your teen get this game

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age 11+

Great starter stealth game

Aragami 2 is a pretty decent stealth game, stealth mechanics are a little basic but deep enough for there to be a decently high skill ceiling.

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Easy to play/use