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This is a really good game! I do think its a bit over priced at 60 bucks, but the content is mostly clean. The closest you get to anything sexual is a girl who has short shorts. There are a few occurences where a curse word is said, but not much of it. It's a difficult game, so if you're looking for something that'll be a breeze, this isn't a game for you. The only violence is animated fights where guns, blades, and more can be used.
age 12+

A police action-adventure game, but contains some emotional material

This game is actually pretty good! I haven't seen any other action games where you take control of a police officer and stop crimes and other materials. Apparently you mostly fight these aliens called the Chimeras and sometimes criminals. Here's a tip for the stealth sections, you can control your Legion to bind enemies so you don't have to walk up to them from behind. Here's one intense part; the most intense part for some parents is when one of the main characters (Max Howard, the dad of the main character) dies early on in the game and where all of the weapons nicknamed the Legion turn on them. In fact, you don't get Max's Legion until File 08. There's a reference to drugs of mass destruction and some profanity, but someone who's like me, I can handle drugs and profanity because it isn't gross-inducing to me, but not realistic gore. Bayonetta and most M-rated action games have blood/gore but at least its unrealistic looking. There are puzzles which require a lot of brainpower, other puzzles have a "look before you leap" type situation, and then there are situations which are easy to mess up on, especially the parts where you need the Beast Legion to cross falling platforms.

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Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking