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It's okay

The manga and anime are pretty concise when they show that you can't beat Titans. It is not hard at all in this game. Plus, when you kill a Titan it just doesn't feel rewarding or like you get anything out of it.

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Well, I've watched the entire first season, but I haven't played the game. I'm 11 and I love anime to be honest. This game is quite similar to the animated series-- main characters that you love, the Regiments, and killing Titans. Scenes from the show are presented. Violence is a huge role in this game-- the main way to kill Titans is to slash your sword at the nape of the neck, which could be a disturbing scene since there is blood. The game is quite hard to play; no ease. It's also repetitive. There are only one or two sexual references, but nothing too over-the-top (i.e. You mean the one with the nice ass?). However, the positivity is when squads team up and kill the Titans together (friendship.) The game should be okay for mature 14-year-olds because of the anime series (TV-14-LV, TV-MA-V).

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Anime not video game

I'm surprised there hasn't been a review for the actual show yet, considering that it is one of the most popular animes for teens, if not the most popular. First let me stress how much I like this show. I hate fantasy, dystopia, giants, and anime. But I love this show. The characterization is fantastic, it's deeply artistic, and it's so insane and yet makes so much sense that you have to keep watching. Definitely recommended. Secondly the age rating. Parents might shy away from this show after seeing the TV-MA rating, but it really isn't so bad: -This is probably the cleanest anime ever in terms of sex. Women and girls are dressed modestly, and there are only about two minor/innocent jokes or references to sex. It's known that a female character was saved from the human trafficking business (implied by the words "we'll sell her to those perverts" and "she's just a child, not for me".) It was very delicately worded, but gave the viewer the gist of the situation. -Language mainly consists of "da**", but also includes bast***, bi***, a**, and s***. However, since this is in Japanese, there will be different translations with either less or more severe cursing. Be careful of where you/your kid watches this. I watch it on Netflix, which is a great platform, and the translations never include the f-word. -Some minor drinking; no/minimal smoking -Violence is bloody and very, very frequent, but is not horribly gory (people get eaten, but it's not like their hearts and brains spill all over the streets or something gross like that). There are frequent deaths, and the show's heavy content can be disturbing for younger kids or a sensitive audience. Overall a great show that I totally recommend, but do be sure not to let your kids watch it if they are too young or particularly sensitive.

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Not for kids? HA.

Come on, man. It's Attack on Titan. You can't expect it not to be violent. The anime is rated TV-14, so of course the game isn't going to be made for little kids.