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Back 4 Blood

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my thoughts...

Team up and shoot to survive this gory zombie apocalypse.
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I don't really know what to say about this game, besides awknowledging its mediocracy.
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Back 4 blood review

This game is very gory but fun. The gore is over the top so it makes it less realistic. You can chose from many weapons and join online. There is a lot of bad language and online interaction’s. This is a great game though.
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Let your kid play back4blood

first off I want to say that this game is amazing and fun and it doesn't get boring to me.There is lots of blood but nothing a teenager cant handle, the game has language(sh-t and very rarely f-ck)but nothing a kid hasn't heard from there parents or at there school.The game also involves a lot of teamwork on where to go to help give each other ammo,health, and obviously kill zombies.The zombies aren't really that scary but may be scary to kids overall i think this is one of the best zombie games and is ok for tweens or above

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back 4 blood

it's really awesome i love the reflex sight and laser sight and all the attachments and guns and it's just pretty much the best zombie game ever the only small complaint i have is sometimes it feels like its only at 20-30 frames per second instead of 60 like i should be getting