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Parent of a 10 year old Written byrosezena August 6, 2010
i love this game i play this every day and i whatch the movie
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Too much swearing
Great messages
Parent Written byLikaLaruku September 17, 2011

One of the better Barbie movies.

Let your toddler watch this by herself; the historical inaccuracies will have anyone with an education ripping their hair out. Unlike most Barbie drivel, this one actually has some moral value. Instead of men rescuing damsels, the roles are switched & the girls are all career-motivated. The down-side is that Barbie is still a Mary Sue.
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Great role models
Parent of a 7 and 9 year old Written byVickyN September 15, 2011

Girls will love it and it doesn't do any harm

While this particular Barbie movie was more cringeworthy than others (yes, I did enjoy the Princess and the Pauper, what of it?!) I have to give this four stars because my 8 and 6 year olds LOVE it. Months after receiving it it is still a go-to game for them, and they even (gasp) cooperate to finish the challenges. It's not educational and you'll get sick of listening to it, but they didn't make the game for you and me, now, did they? :)
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Great messages
Too much consumerism
Parent of a 6 year old Written bylsdbird September 3, 2010

not bad for 6+

The game was ok in the end but not great.
Parent of a 7 and 9 year old Written bylireyah_sam@yah... November 19, 2009
this is vere nays